Store Fixtures

As a retailer, you do everything you can to present your merchandise in the best way. You keep well stocked, you face-up shelves and you create attractive displays. Its all intended to get your customers to make a quicker and easier decision to buy. Attractively displaying your merchandise sets you apart from your competition. If every store displayed their merchandise in the same way, customers would have less reason to choose one retailer over another.

The latest trend in store fixture design is to create fixtures and display units that integrate with other store fixtures and overall store design. Custom retail store fixtures will set your store apart from the competition.

Let Oakridge Kitchens professionally design and build your custom retail fixtures to your specifications. Showcase your merchandise on shelves and displays that are unique to your store and that set you apart from the competition and do it for a surprisingly affordable price.

We use only the finest materials and quality craftsmanship to make your retail fixtures attractive and functional. We design and fabricate everything in our facility just outside Toronto, so we can constantly monitor and maintain our high standards of quality and workmanship. Your fixtures will be set in place by trained professional installers who will do so with minimal interruption to your business.